Custom Bags

Custom bag customers can select to have a sample bag made or move directly to production. The level of complexity will determine if a sample bag will be charged for. Custom bags can be made from a wide selection of materials and include closures, handles and many other features.

Determining your custom bag requirements

This page poses a few questions that you may be asked when approaching Harcor to make a custom bag. If you do not know the answers to all the questions, it is not a problem. Harcor’s custom bag professionals are here to help you.

Please note when contacting Harcor, the questions asked will be determined by the bag style. For example, handles on a PVC bag are normally made from webbing and so the length and width of the webbing is relevant to document. However a HDPE bag style could include die cut handles. The questions below are just a generic outline of some questions a Harcor representative could ask and is not relevant to all bag styles.

  1. How many Custom Bags do you require?
  2. What is the preferred bag material?
  3. What is the preferred material colour?
  4. What bag style are you looking for?
  5. Do you know the dimensions (Width / Height / Depth)?
  6. Does the bag require a closure type?
  7. Do you require printing or embroidery?
  8. Are handles required?
  9. Does the bag require padding?
  10. Does the bag require insulation?
  11. Does the bag require compartments or pockets?
  12. Do you require any specific features such as eyelets, windows, internal stitching, high visibility strips, inner stiffening sleeve, velcro hanging strips, base feet or other?

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