Harcor 's "Arm Core Cooler Harness" Wins product design category Fire Awareness award. Thursday 01 January 2015 @ 16:09

Manufacturing a product that aids those that put their lives at risk daily is a great achievement and something that Harcor are extremely proud to own. The Arm Core Cooler Harness was designed to reduce the core body temperature to effectively speed up recovery from heat stress. The design allows for the full immersion of hand and forearm into water whilst the over-shoulder harness allows for ease of use and portability.

Fire Awareness Award

Volunteer Fire Fighter and Harcor Team member Peter Schaede had a deserved win with the development and manufacture of this product and Harcor are proud to be a company who is invested in the welfare of the community. The award was formally presented to Harcor in December last year.