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Harcor has found its niche market being a bag manufacturer that offers to produce very low and high custom bag volumes. A variety of bags are manufactured at Harcor in Melbourne with others being sourced locally and offshore. Manufacturing location is based on the volume of bags and style required.

The decision to enter commercial bag manufacturing was catapulted by the success Harcor had established in the Security Bag market. Harcor was and still is the leading supplier of security bags in the Australian market. Security Bags need to be robust due to heavy handling. The security bags that Harcor produced have established Harcor’s reputation of producing quality hardwearing bags.

The need for bags that are durable was not only isolated to the security industry and soon Harcor started producing a wide variety of bags that are robust and ethically pleasing. These bags included backpacks, mail bags, emergency services bags, conference bags, equipment bags, art transport bags, medical bags and more.

The ability to manufacture bags from a broad range of materials makes Harcor a perfect one-stop supplier of bags. Popular materials that Harcor can have bags manufactured from include PVC - Cordura - Canvas - Insulation - Padded Foam - LDPE - HDPE - Woven Polypro - Cotton - Polyester -Kraft Paper - Non Woven Polypro.

Harcor are committed to ensuring that the bags they manufacture and source, meet the highest level of local standards and conform to the established safety requirements. Harcor have been honored to have won the recent Fire Awareness award in the product design category. The Arm Core Cooler Harness bag was designed to reduce core body temperature fast in order to combat heat stress plus speed up recovery.

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